Audition Preperation



"This workshop was a great learning experience! It was very real and detailed, which is perfect for someone such as myself with little to no dance audition experience.  The information given in this workshop covered everything anyone would ever need to know about how to audition. Because of this workshop I feel prepared to take on my next dance audition."

- Nicole: Leaside High School 


"Lexy Cox is bright and creative, I learned a lot from her. In the process, she not only showed us the dance steps, but she taught us how to use them as tools to bring the story to life. Lexy  informed us on how to properly prepare for a dance audition. She shared her knowledge and talked about her own personal experiences in that field. Lexy was very honest and made it a safe environment to ask questions. I had an amazing experience working with Lexy and I would recommend her to anyone".

- Taylor: Sheridan College 


Dancers will learn the important skills required for a positive experience while auditioning. Choreographers will inspire and challenge dancers with innovative choreography that builds confidence and prepares dancers for a successful audition experience. (Mock auditions are available after workshops upon studio request)

* Dance Audition Preparation Workshops can be customized based on your studios  requirements ( example: dance audition preparation for actors).


  • One Workshop Program (variety of styles)

              minimum 1 hr workshop, additional hrs are available upon request


  • Session Workshop Program (variety of styles)

              (suggested 4-6 week session)

              minimum .5 hr pr week, additional hrs are available upon request


Dance Audition Preparation Includes:

  • choreographer to travel to your school
  • prepared choreography for routines (choreographers will come into session with choreography plans and ideas for your dancers to start learning/ dancing right away)
  • age appropriate music and choreography
  • organized, punctual, professional choreographers
  • what to bring to an audition/ how to pack an audition bag
  • what to wear to an audition
  • resume preparation
  • headshot preparation
  • arrival / first impression skills
  • stretching / warm up techniques
  • picking up choreography quickly skills
  • how to stand out at an audition
  • networking skills
  • formation changes during an audition
  • back to basics (knowing what the panel is looking for)
  • performing in smaller groups
  • improvisation
  • eye-line / confidence / performance quality
  • body alignment / stance / stage presence
  • booking the job
  • thank you / speaking with industry professionals

For Dance Audition Preparation Workshop booking information, pricing details, and further inquires please email


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