School Assembly Performances



The School Assembly Performance Program is a unique dance program designed for students to learn dance technique, explore movement, build confidence, nurture creativity, embrace school spirit, and perform as a team in front of the school. 


* Choreographers will work in collaboration with your school to choose a theme, emotion or message to portray at your upcoming school assembly (for example: Remembrance Day, Anti-Bullying, Winter, Career Day etc.).

* School Assembly Performance Programs can be customized based on school or grade levels (recommended age groupings grade 1-2-3, grade 4-5, grade 6-7-8, grade 9-10-11-12).


  • School Assembly Performance Program (school classroom, gym, library, music room etc.)

               (suggested 4-6 week session)

               .75 hr dance/ program activities during a class block, lunch, before or after school

              * themes can be chosen to fit your schools needs

              * a variety of dance styles are available upon request



School Assembly Performance Program Includes:

  • Stretching / Flexibility Training 
  • Strengthen Muscle Development
  • Knowledge of Dance Technique
  • Variety of Dance Styles
  • Learn Routine Choreography
  • Create Own Choreography
  • Team Spirit Activities
  • Team Building Activities
  • Assembly Performance 

For School Assembly Performance booking information, pricing details, and further inquires please email FullOut Dance

Remembrance Day Theme: In Flanders Fields