Spiritsteps is a spiritual dance program designed for students to explore movement, build confidence, nurture creativity, embrace knowledge, and connect as a community.

* Spiritstep Programs can be customized based on age of children in the congregation (recommended age groupings 4-6yrs or 6-10yrs)


  • Dance Day Camp Program (sanctuary or Sunday school classroom)

               (suggested camp daily breakdown)

               .75 hrs dance / program activities

               .75 hrs crafts/ making of props for showcase (FOD provides)

               .5 hrs dance / program activities

               .25 hrs supervised snack break (parents provide)

               .75 hrs dance / program activities

              * final camp day includes a 30 minute showcase for family and friends (free admission)


  • Sunday School Workshop Program (Sunday school room)

               (suggested 4-8 week sessions)

               .5 hrs a week during Sunday school class

              * on the final week of the session students will perform 1-3 dances for the congregation during the service

Spiritsteps Program Activities:

  • Question of the Day: students introduce themselves and answer a question such as “What is your favourite animal on Noah’s Ark?”  
  • Bible Stories: instructors will read aloud while leading students through movement to tell Bible Stories
  • Christian Movement Songs :students learn to dance to cherished christian songs such as “I’ve Got the Joy Down In My Heart”, “This Little Light of Mine”, I’ve Got Peace Like a River”, “Rise and Shine”, His Banner Over Me is Love”
  • Noah’s Ark animal dance freeze: students creatively dance to upbeat music and then freeze in animal shapes when the music stops
  • Paint a Rainbow: a dance to represent the symbol of peace, hope, and God’s love
  • God’s World: dances that represent nature, friendship, love thy neighbour and preserving the planet
  • Creative Movement: students interpret music through movement based on the current season

For Spiritsteps booking information, pricing details, and further inquires please email FullOut Dance info@fulloutdance.ca


Spiritsteps Workshop Highlights